Brilliant Berwind Country Club

The Berwind Country Club is located thirty minutes away from the capital city of San Juan, on the eastern side of Puerto Rico lying in between the towns of Rio Grande and Loiza. Berwind has a semi-private, palm-fringed golf course available to both club members and non-club members and is relatively inexpensive.

The Berwind Country Club was built in 1969 on land that was previously a coconut plantation and was later developed by Bob Holoman. The beautiful championship golf course is open all year round and has 18-holes for the club members and the public to use and enjoy. Non-club members can use the Berwind golf course each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting from 7 am to 5 pm. However, non-club members are restricted from the grounds during the weekend with only club members having access to the grounds during that time.

The golf course is situated in a position that gives the golfers an excellent view of the ocean as they tee off for the next hole. The course has wide-open spaces with tall palm trees and a variety of colorful shrubs decorating the grounds, creating a peaceful atmosphere where you can clear your mind and enjoy the game. While you go around the 18-hole golf course you will meet up with several water hazards to provide you with a few challenges – especially when you have to play them off the back tees.

The Berwind Country Club provides golfers with a driving range to practice teeing off. It also has a teaching pro available to give you advice on any of the golfing techniques that you may be struggling with. The Berwind golf course does not provides golfers with caddies but will provide golf carts, which are included in the green fees. The dress code for the Country Club is Bermuda shorts and a collared shirt with soft spikes on the shoes. The Country Club has about 75,000 rounds of golf played here annually, making it one of the more popular golf courses in the area.

On weekdays during peak season golfers are charged $45 (subject to change) for both 18-holes and 9-holes. At each hole you are given three tee-off sections, one for ladies, one for men and one for champions. Ladies will walk 6,128 yards, men 6 507 yards and champions 7,011 yards throughout the course. A rating of 72.1 is given for the ladies round, 72.0 for the men and 74.6 for the champions.

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