5 Best Beaches of Puerto Rico

Being an island surrounded by some of the world’s warmest, cleanest waters, Puerto Rico can be expected to have some beautiful tropical beaches. That it does, in abundance!

Cabo Rojo, or “Red Cape” in English, boasts one of the most spectacular beaches anywhere in the world. Located on Puerto Rico’s somewhat isolated far southwestern tip, Cabo Rojo was named for the pinkish hue of the rocks that form its soaring cliffs. After taking in the view from the historic El Faro lighthouse overlooking the coast, enjoy the waves rolling in onto fine-grained pink sand beaches.

Culebra Island, just off Puerto Rico’s northeastern coast, features Flamenco Beach, voted “Best Escape Beach” by the Travel Channel. The beach stretches for over a mile in length and is made up of white coral sand. As Culebra has no streams or rivers, the surrounding sea is extremely clear.

Just to the south of Culebra on Vieques Island, you’ll find Sun Bay Beach. This picture-postcard perfect beach is caressed by emerald green waters and is shaded by island palms. Close by is a bioluminescent bay that offers a unique experience for night swimmers.

Near the town of Mayaguez on Puerto Rico’s west coast is Rincon, famous the world over for its near-perfect surfing waves. Even when the surf’s not up, the miles of sandy beaches and peaceful, quiet atmosphere offer tourists and travelers to Puerto Rico a decidedly different Puerto Rican travel experience.

No listing of Puerto Rican beaches would be complete without mention of Punta Santiago on the southeast coast opposite Vieques Island. The magnificent beaches at Punta Santiago alternate between white coral and black volcanic sand. Just off of the promontory of Punta Santiago itself lies Santiago Cay, a tiny island inhabited by Rhesus monkeys whose ancestors were formerly subjects in research laboratories.

If there’s any truth to the saying “Life’s a beach”, then there’s a whole lotta life in sunny Puerto Rico!