Family Fun at the Festival de Chiringas

Most children learn the joy of flying a kite at least once in their lives. Many of them go on to enjoy this hobby as adults. There are already all sorts of kite festivals in the United States, but very few people know that there is one in Puerto Rico. This festival is known locally as ‘Festival de Chiringas’.

The Festival de Chiringas, or Festival of Kites, takes place every year in Old San Juan at the historical site of El Morro. It is hosted by the National Park Service and has been running for four years so far. While it is small in contrast to many of the kite festivals held in the United States, it certainly does not lack the excitement of a well-run kite festival. There are kites everywhere on this small splash of green and the mind boggles at how all the strings do not get instantly entangled. On the edges little children can be spotted trying out their very first kite under the guidance of a helpful parent. However, the center of the green is where the real action takes place. There are all sorts of contests, and prizes are given out for the biggest kite, the smallest kite, the best-looking kite, the highest-flying kite and much more. A large number of the kites are home-made and creative designs are often rewarded. The festival is also not just about flying kites. You can learn how to build your own kites during presentations and workshops. You can also learn more about the local environment and how best to preserve it. There are RC Airplane competitions featuring a glorious selection of these delightful little airplanes, and food kiosks where you can satisfy even the biggest appetite. Beachside music further adds to the merry atmosphere at the Festival de Chiringas in Puerto Rico.

Another interesting thing about the Festival de Chiringas in Puerto Rico is that the festival lasts for one month. The majority of the activities only take place on the weekend on pre-arranged days, but the entire month is seen as being ‘National Kite Month’ and children are encouraged to explore this enjoyable pastime for themselves. The festivities generally get underway at 10:00 am and will draw to a close around 4:00 pm. The best way to find out when it is taking place is to phone ahead and check. The Festival de Chiringas is a great, family orientated event that should not be missed.