The Art and Talents of Miguel Conesa

Osuna Miguel Conesa is a very well known artist in Puerto Rico and has explored different art forms and techniques related to painting for over thirty-four years. His art career has given him wonderful experience in a variety of subject matters but to this day his favorite topic is still religious art, a subject he finds fascinating but also meaningful.

Miguel Conesa from a young age loved expressing himself through art, it was from there onward that he realized that the only career that he would ever see himself in was as a painter. With the support and encouragement of his father he was able to pursue his career as an artist. Miguel’s father, an architect, knew the importance of perspective, not only in his own personal work, but also for Miguel if he was going to be a successful artist and produce art work with a 3D effect. His father would also take Miguel to the Museum don Luis A. Ferré in Ponce where they lived to allow Miguel to experience different art forms and techniques as well as to inspire him as he matured as an artist.

Over the years, Conesa grew in confidence as a competent and expressive artist – vital if he was to make it in the competitive world as a professional artist. The art classes that Miguel attended helped him to hone in his talents and abilities to paint and draw thereby resulting in him being awarded seven national competitions in Puerto Rico. After such notoriety, Miguel’s popularity soared as he received praise and recognition as an accomplished young artist which culminated in his scholarship award to the Universidad Católica de Ponce. At the University, Miguel furthered his studies in the field of visual arts where upon completion of his studies in Puerto Rico, Miguel moved to Georgia where he attended Augusta College.

During Conesa’s tertiary education he was summoned for military service where he was given the assignment as cook. Unhappy, Miguel communicated his feelings to don Luis A. Ferré who was then a resident commissioner of the US Army in Washington, D.C. Seeing Miguel’s talent, Mr. Ferré soon secured a change in assignment for the aspiring artist leasing to Miguel’s new assignment of learning graphic design and art in order to producing publications of the US Army. This of course occurred during an era without computers so writing and editing was done manually. However, through this valuable learning experience Miguel is now a master at producing new and innovative digital pieces.

When Miguel Conesa left the army he decided to stay on in Georgia and it was there where Miguel first became recognized for his talents. A few years later, Miguel returned to his Puerto Rico where he still produces incredible art pieces. He continues participating in regional and international art exhibitions and currently has more then three hundred of his works displayed in private collections throughout the United States.