Manati – Explore the Interior Region of “La Atenas de Puerto Rico”

The city of Manati was founded in the year 1738. It was established by Don Pedro Menendez and is also known by the names "La Atenas de Puerto Rico" and "La Ciudad Metropolitana". This destination in Puerto Rico, as with many other cities and towns, survived a very turbulent history and has grown to be a city that is 120 square kilometers in size and home to approximately 40 000 residents.

The first settlement in the area was constructed by Juan Ponce de Leon who believed that the Manatuabon River was filled with gold. Later the town of Manati was established on the site. It is believed that the name of the town is derived from a sea creature known as the Manatee, also known as the Sea Cow. The town is located in the coastal lowlands in Puerto Rico and is extremely successful as an agricultural center due to it being surrounded and generously filled with rivers, lagoons, lakes, streams and clear springs. The agricultural sector therefore concentrates on the production of sugar cane, coffee and fruit. Manati is known as the pineapple capital of Puerto Rico. This versatile destination in Puerto Rico manufactures pearl buttons, clothing, woodwork and shoes. The industrial sector of Manati concentrates mainly on the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

Manati is filled with many interesting attractions and places to visit, including the Los Tubos Beach, Los Chicos, the Ruinas de la Oficina de la Central Monserrate, the ruins of Marques de la Esperanza Hacienda, the Historic Zone and the Acropolis Sports Complex. Festivities that are celebrated in Manati include the Patron Festival in February, Cross Festival in May, Beach Festival and Manatee Festival in July and the Halloween Festival in October. A few famous names who originated here include baseball legends Carlos Beltran and Jose Valentin; poets Epifanio Vanga and Clemente Ramirez de Arellano; and painter Carmelo Sobrino.

Over and above the natural beauty and many attractions that are found in this fascinating destination in Puerto Rico, it is also a good location to travel from if visitors want to explore the interior regions of Puerto Rico. Manati is a destination filled with history, culture and tradition that is growing more popular amongst tourists with every passing year.

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