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  • La Montaňa (Central)

    Stretching from the west to the east of the island, Puerto Rico’s Cordillera Central Mountains are a spectacular backdrop for many of the country’s delightful cities and towns. Cerro de Punta, located in the range, is the highest point in Puerto Rico and very popular with hikers. The climate is somewhat cooler here and provides reprieve from the heat of the coast.

  • Utuado

    Utuado was established on 12 October 1739. It was founded by Sebastian de Morfi and the name of the city was derived from Chief Otoao, whose name meant “Between Mountains”. The name is rather fitting since Utuado is situated in the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico near Ponce, Ciales, Arecibo and Lares. Between the late 1500’s and 1700’s not much of this city’s history was recorded, but ...

  • Caguana Park Museum

    One of the most magical and treasured attractions in Puerto Rico is the Caguana Ceremonial Park and Museum. Located just outside of San Juan, this spirited site will carry you away to an almost lost world that was - and still is - sacred to many inhabitants of Puerto Rico. The Caguana Ceremonial Park and Museum is located in Utuado. The region was named by the Taìno Indians and means ...