Museums and Historical Attractions in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is certainly a beautiful country with a fascinating cultural heritage and an interesting history. As you tour the island, you will likely come across museums in Puerto Rico that cover topics as varied as ancient Indian artifacts to the African history of Puerto Rico. There are also a number of art museums that exhibit anything from ancient crafts and artworks to 20th century modern art. Each of Puerto Rico’s regions have something special, something unique and worth seeing. We would encourage you to visit as many different museums as you can while visiting Puerto Rico as these museums are not only a visual feast but also provide interesting insight into the people and culture of Puerto Rico.

Museums such as the Museums of African Root follows the tale of the African slaves who were brough to Puerto Rico, while the Museo del Indio gives visitors insight into the Taino Indians and their influence on the island. To explore the magnificent history of art in Ponce and in Puerto Rico, the Ponce Museum of Art is a recommended attraction, or walk in the footsteps of movie celebrities at the Arecibo Observatory where scenes from Golden Eye was filmed.

So visit the many museums in Puerto Rico and discover a whole new side to this old and interesting island.

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