Porta del Sol (West Region) Travel and City Guide

The region of Porta del Sol, in the west of Puerto Rico, encompasses a number of fantastic locations and attractions. Amongst the top cities is Mayaguez, also known as “Ciudad de las Aguas Puras” (City of Pure Waters). Places of interest in Mayaguez include the Casa Grande Museum, Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, the India Brewery and the UPRM’s Planetarium.

The little village of Aguada is commonly believed to be one of the oldest towns of Puerto Rico, believed by some to be where Christopher Columbus reached shore in 1493. Cabo Rojo is a popular holiday destination for those who love the sand, sun and sea. Sparkling blue seas, with white sandy beaches giving way to dense green foliage is many people’s dream of paradise.

Isabela’s main income is derived from tourism, and certainly visitors are assured of a warm welcome and everything they need for an unforgettable holiday. Beachcombing, horse riding, hiking and surfing are some of the activities holidaymakers can enjoy. The lively city of Mayaguez has many attractions, both historical and cultural and offering the full range of water sports from its beautiful beaches. In close proximity to twenty forest reserves, Quebradillas is the ideal place for nature lovers and bird watchers to spend some holiday time.

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