Visit the Fascinating Museo Biblioteco Dr. Jose Barbosa

The Museo Bibiloteca Dr. Jose Barbosa is located in Bayamon. It is a historical museum that is dedicated to the memory of a significant local resident and it has become a very popular attraction in Puerto Rico. Many locals visit the museum to remind them of the remarkable Puerto Rican Dr. Jose Barbosa and to educate future generations by showing that the possibilities of achievement are endless.

Dr Jose Celso Barbosa was born in Bayamon on 27 July 1857 and received both his primary education and secondary education in his country of birth. He completed his medical studies at University of Michigan and was the first Puerto Rican to have received a medical degree from America. Dr. Jose Barbosa cared for many patients from all corners of the island. Not only did he take care of current illness, but he also established the first form of health care insurance in Puerto Rico. However his achievements and contributions to his country did not end there. He went on to establish the Puerto Rican Republican political party in 1899, he became a member of the Executive Cabinet from 1900 to 1917 and then he became a Senate member from the year 1917 until 1921. Amazingly, Dr. Jose Barbosa still found the time to establish Puerto Rico’s first bilingual newspaper the “El Tiempo”. On 21 September 1921 Dr. Barbosa passed away.

Dr. Jose Barbosa is fondly remembered in Puerto Rico as a successful doctor and determined political leader. More importantly, however he was known for his humanitarian efforts. The 27th of July was declared an official public holiday and his memory is further honored by the Museo Bibiloteca Dr. Jose Barbosa, which was established in his Bayamon house. The museum contains many personal items that belonged to Barbosa, including his awards, books, interesting artifacts, medals, photos and so forth. There is also a quaint sitting room and a detailed re-creation of the medical office that Dr. Barbosa originally worked from.

Visitors to the Museo Bibiloteca Dr. Jose Barbosa will be astonished at the vast amounts of intriguing exhibits and the importance of the initiatives and changes that were brought about by this dedicated Puerto Rican. It is definitely an extremely noteworthy historical attraction in Puerto Rico.

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