Famous Artists in Puerto Rico’s History

It is evident that a strong infusion of arts in the history of Puerto Rico has resulted in its people having a natural artistic flair. Regardless of whether they're taught to fine tune their skills or whether they're simply born with it, there's a strong presence and artistic vibe wherever you are in Puerto Rico.

Museo de Arte de Ponce is probably one of the greatest art museums of Puerto Rico. This underground labyrinth of sky lit hexagonal rooms is a breathtaking way to view incredible artworks and the architecture of building itself has received much praise.

Jose Campeche, the first Puerto Rican artist to enjoy a measure of credibility, drew much inspiration from his home town of San Juan. In addition to many portraits of political giants, he is known for his depictions of Biblical events like the Birth of Christ, Virgin of Mercy and many others.

Francisco Oller y Cestero, Ramón Fradé, Miguel Pou, Antonio Martorell and José Rosa are a few of the many talented artists that have come out of Puerto Rico.

Without a doubt Puerto Rico, albeit relatively small, deserves a mention on the global art scene.

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