Punta Guaniquilla Reserve and Bird Sanctuary

Located in Cabo Rojo, the Punta Guaniquilla Reserve and Bird Sanctuary is a wonderful haven for Puerto Rico's wildlife. This is a marvelous place to escape to for a day and to get back in touch with the natural beauty of the world that surrounds us. Puerto Rico's Punta Guaniquilla Reserve boasts diverse terrain with abundant animal life. The bird life is particularly abundant. Join us as we journey through the stunning Punta Guaniquilla Reserve and Bird Sanctuary.

Laguna Guaniquilla

Punta Guaniquilla Reserve encompasses an area of 152 ha. The reserve’s headland is mostly arid and it features a dry forest with mangrove swamps and palms on the edges. The vegetation types in the reserve vary between beech, beech thickets, scrublands, forest, woodlands, marsh and pastures. The pastures of Punta Guaniquilla cover some 48% of the protected area. These have been formed chiefly by timber felling, agriculture and the grazing of livestock. Forests, which were probably once dominant here, are only found to take up 6.7% of the landscape. The reserve has about 253 vascular plant species. Seven of these species are believed to be endemic to the country. This demonstrates the importance of this reserve and why it is vital that it is protected. Physical features in the landscape include a fascinating cave system as well as two lagoons with interesting limestone formations. Unusual rock formations create beautiful silhouettes against the sky.

Punta Guaniquilla Reserve is also a bird sanctuary. Large numbers of migrating birds arrive here annually. The reserve’s fine habitat serves as a haven for shore birds that winter here. Avid bird watchers will want to look out for the Caribbean coot, ruddy duck and West Indian whistling duck. Even if you haven’t tried bird watching before, Punta Guaniquilla Reserve and Bird Sanctuary is a great place to get started, so bring along your binoculars and a good bird identification book. If you enjoy a good walk you can hike along a trail to Buye Beach that should take you about 30 minutes to complete. Camping is not permitted in this important Puerto Rican reserve, but you are sure to find accommodation in nearby towns.

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