Visit Puerto Rico World-Famous Beaches

Ballenas is one of the few beaches in Puerto Rico where the focus isn't on spending time sunning yourself on the sand, sipping cool drink and watching people play in the water. This beach has something entirely different and more magical to offer.

Boqueron is lined with more than a mile of soft white sand and has the clearest turquoise water. Although this beach is generally very calm and tranquil, it becomes quite crowded and festive on weekends, especially in the summer holidays .

Caña Gorda a lovely stretch of beach situated not far from the Guanica Forest Reserve so you can not only enjoy the wonders of marine life, but head a little inland to make the most of this forested wonderland. This stretch of coast features plenty of caves and coves which you can explore to your heart’s content.

Crashboat is situated nearby the town of Aguadilla and has a fantastic Mediterranean feeling. Although the beach is not really suitable for swimming, the people of Aguadilla often come here to relax in the sun or unwind in the shade of the many palm trees that line the shore and sway in the breeze.

Flamenco has been dubbed the “best beach in America” and the “best escape beach” by relevant authorities. A mile or so of striking white coral sand is juxtaposed by turquoise waters and well covered hills. But this beach offers more than the best stretch of coast in Puerto Rico – it offers an atmosphere of solitude.

Isla Verde is a place were people meet with family and friends to share their picnic snacks, read their favorite books and just soak up the sun. The more adventurous people go parasailing, waterskiing, surfing and body boarding – all of which are offered by the hotels and local merchants.

Luquillo is one of Puerto Rico’s most famous and most visited tourist attractions. The view from the beach is spectacular. It features a long gold crescent of sand lined by innumerable coconut palms with the hazy mountains of the rainforest soaring in the distance.

Punta Santiago is an amazing stretch of beach located near Humacao. It is here where the mountains meet an amazing stretch of coastline that there are many natural wonders to be found. Punta Santiago is a beach well worth visiting just to spend time getting in touch with nature.

Rincon Bay hosted a World Surfing Championship Competition in 1968 and has since been garnered with the title “The Surfing Capital of the Caribbean”. A number of international surfers have challenged the fast and furious waves of Rincon and it has become a massive expatriate subculture.

Seven Seas beach is popular mainly because of the many enjoyable holiday activities that it has to offer. You can soak up sun on the pristine sand, snorkel the shallows, or take advantage of the good winds and do a little windsurfing or sailing.

Shacks Beach is situated on the western tip of the Island. Here, the vast waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet to provide some stunning beaches and idyllic winds. Shacks beach may be one of many fine beaches in the area, but it has a reason to stand out on its own.

Sun Bay is a beach that is not only beautiful but it has interesting things to explore as well. Sun Bay is geographically part of the Virgin Islands and is politically part of Puerto Rico. For most inhabitants Sun Bay is just Sun Bay, but for tourists it is a place of extreme tranquility and utmost beauty.

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