Amazing Wildlife in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island teeming with life. From the sparkling ocean waters to the dazzling forests, Puerto Rico boasts an amazing diversity and abundance of wildlife. Be sure to explore the many natural areas of this country and discover its fascinating creatures.

If you have a special interest in snakes, you might find the Puerto Rican Boa to be particularly interesting. Or, if you prefer frogs, the Coqui Frog – the unofficial national symbol of the country – is delightfully interesting to observe. But there is so much more to discover. Birds, fish and mammals abound and only by making a genuine effort to study the animals living in this part of the Caribbean, will you truly start to appreciate the extensive diversity of Puerto Rican wildlife.

Most of the wildlife in Puerto Rico is easily spotted in the national parks in and around the island that are maintained by the Department of Environmental & Natural Resources. Of course there are plenty of unspoiled natural habitats in other parts of the island, but these may fall on private land and so access to them is limited. The wonderful variations in topography on the island allow for interesting plant and animal diversity and there are also several smaller islands off the coast that have been carefully preserved for the sake of sustaining wildlife in Puerto Rico. If you love animals you simply have to make sure that you spend time exploring these great wilderness areas. So make sure that at least one of Puerto Rico’s nature reserves in included in your travel itinerary!

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