Discover the Excellent Golf Courses of Puerto Rico

For a true lover of the game, no holiday can be complete without at least one round of golf. Even if you are traveling to another country, you need not let your game slide. Playing at golf courses at various locations provides golfers with a chance to challenge themselves, improve their game and have fun at the same time. Puerto Rico certainly isn’t the exception to the rule since this country is home to a number of great golf courses. Golf is so popular on this island that it is noted as being the second most popular vacation amenity. Visitors will find themselves spoilt for choice with great greens, well-designed courses and excellent golf club facilities. So if you are heading to the Caribbean soon, why not consider taking in a few rounds of golf in Puerto Rico while you are there?

Golf coursesFew people picture the Caribbean as the perfect place to go golfing but Puerto Rico certainly has everything it takes to be a great golfing destination. The stunning beaches and warm blue waters that are usually used for tanning and swimming make the perfect backdrop to a number of the island’s golf courses. The indigenous forest is cut away here and there to make way for fairways and the natural terrain is exploited on occasion to make the course more challenging. There are as many as twenty good-quality golf courses in Puerto Rico which provide a variety of excellent challenges and breathtaking views of the Caribbean, the Atlantic Ocean and the varied terrain. The clubhouses and other facilities are classy and everything is well designed and well organized. These golf courses are spread out across the island so you can be sure that you will find at least one good course near where you are planning to stay.

A few golf courses worth looking at if you are considering a golfing holiday in Puerto Rico are the Aguirre Golf Course, Las Bambuas Golf & Country Club, the Berwind Country Club and the Coamo Springs Golf and Tennis Club. There are many other fine golf clubs which have not been mentioned here and if you are traveling with family it is advisable to check ahead to see what facilities are available for them to enjoy since not all clubs cater to children. Whatever the case, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy many great rounds of golf in Puerto Rico.

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