Crash Boat Beach and Aquadilla’s Mediterranean Ocean Ambiance

Crashboat beach is situated nearby the town of Aguadilla and has a fantastic Mediterranean ambiance. Although the beach is not really suitable for swimming, the people of Aguadilla often come here to relax in the sun or unwind in the shade of the many palm trees that line the shore. The beach is surrounded by some beautiful mountains that offer a glorious view of the pristine shoreline and the sunset on a clear day.

The waters of Crashboat are generally flat or slightly choppy making them a great place to participate in water sports such as swimming, parasailing and jet skiing. The waves can get quite large from time to time but are generally very agreeable. Crashboat Beach should be on every beach connoisseur’s must-see list. Besides the water, the beach has plenty of beautiful vegetation which can be explored by means of adventurous walking trails. The sands of the beach also offers an abundance of pretty, colorful, Mediterranean-style seashells.

There are different stories as to how the beach got its unusual name of “Crashboat”. One is that Crashboat got its name from a particularly large boat which crashed into the cement pier before turning south and running aground on the beach. Another relates to the use of the beach by the military during WWII, with the dock being built to accommodate the Crash Rescue Boats Squadron, referred to simply as Crashboat and the name remained.

If you would like to expand your range of water-based activities, just a short trip down the coast will bring you to a few other great places for scuba diving adventures and a couple of other water sports. This added diversity gives Crashboat even more appeal as a destination.

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