The Mayaguez Zoo Near Cabo Rojo- Puerto Rico’s Largest

The Mayaguez Zoo is managed by the Compañia of Parques Nacionales and is situated a short distance away from Cabo Rojo. This 45-acre tropical zoo provides you and your family with the opportunity to see the animal and bird life found in Puerto Rico up close and on a more personal basis.

The Mayaguez Zoo has over 340 species of reptiles, mammals and amphibians on display. These all fall under two groups: the African Savannah and the African Forest. Elephants, Andean condors, reptiles, Bengal tigers and hippos are some of the animals included in these groups. You will only be able to see some of the animals via the photo tour which is on display at the zoo.

There are also a number of colorful parrots and tropical birds for visitors to see at the bird sanctuary. What is great about this section of the Mayaguez Zoo is that you are able to walk in amongst the birds that fly freely in the large bird sanctuary. There is a netted ceiling that not only provides the birds with somewhere to hang from but also keeps them from flying away.

As you walk around you almost feel like you are in a jungle with all the birds and animals at the zoo because of the tropical jungle environment that has been created around you. You may even notice friendly iguanas walking along the pathways in the zoo looking for a cool spot or a shaded area to take refuge in.

The Mayaguez Zoo also provides visitors with access to beautifully landscaped flora that gives people an idea of the kind of environment that these animals are used to. This includes flowering trees, tropical foliage, colorful flowers and ponds. There is also a playground provided for children who want to take a break from walking around.

You can visit the Mayaguez Zoo, the largest zoo in Puerto Rico, from 08:30 am to 16:00 pm every Wednesday to Sunday. There is an admission fee of $6 for adults and $3 for children over the age of ten years (prices subject to change). Visitors to the zoo will be able to read bilingual placards that give interesting facts and pieces of information on the animals housed here.

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