Discover Puerto Rico’s Fish Species

Puerto Rico is home to an abundance of freshwater and saltwater fish, both native and introduced. These can be found in the natural lakes, man-made lakes, rivers and seas of Puerto Rico. Why not spend the day snorkeling in Puerto Rico's waters to discover the various fish species. With such an abundance and variety of fish, it is no wonder that fishing in Puerto Rico is a popular activity.


The island of Puerto Rico is readily associated with big game fishing, attracting thousands of visitors every year. There are a number of types of fishing you can take part in whilst in Puerto Rico, whether as part of a guided excursion, or on your own steam. These include Fly Fishing, Deep Sea Fishing, Sport Fishing and Tarpon Fishing.

If you are interested in saltwater fishing, one of the best place to go is just off Culebra, a small island near Puerto Rico. Here you will find fish such as bonefish, Tuna, Blue and White Marlin and Dolphin Fish, otherwise known as the Mahi-Mahi. The beautiful scenic beach makes Culebra such a great place to visit if you want the perfect fishing trip. Here your family will be able to enjoy water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling where they can delve into the underwater world of Puerto Rico’s fish. There are also bird sanctuaries and beaches allocated specifically for turtles wanting to nest there.

There are over twenty man-made lakes in Puerto Rico that are stocked up regularly with fresh water fish like Peacock Bass, Tilapia, Largemouth Bass, Sunfish and Catfish. Other fresh water fish that you can find inside these lakes includes the Brown Bullhead, Mountain mullet, Little anchovy, American eel, River goby, Oscar, Goldfish, Bull shark and Sand fish. These are just a few names of the many fresh water fish found in Puerto Rico.

There are a number of fishing clubs situated near these lakes where fishing enthusiasts go to enjoy all the extra facilities that they provide. Most fishermen will use the fly-fishing technique when trying for Largemouth and Peacock Bass. Visitors are more then welcome to take advantage of these man-made lakes where there are plenty of camping sites to stay at. The Puerto Rican government regulates and controls all the fresh and salt waters on and around the island.

Puerto Rico has all the facilities needed to make your fishing, scuba diving or snorkeling holiday a success. The island has an abundance of both fresh and salt-water fish. If you are keen to see fish in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, then Puerto Rico is the place to go.

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