Ocean and Deep Water Fishing Abounds

Fishing in Puerto Rico is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities and many fisherman, professional and social, flock here to enjoy a weekend or longer of fishing. Puerto Rico is mostly known for its spectacular deep-sea excursions, but recently the demand for fly-fishing has increased. Anglers look forward to pulling in a Blue Marlin, Billfish, Macao, Snook, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahi-Mahi or a Tarpon. There are many marine charters that accommodate fishing enthusiasts, and most operate from Mayaguez, San Juan, Humacao and Fajardo. It only takes approximately thirty minutes to reach deep water and therefore anglers will find that they have more than enough time to concentrate on reeling in the big one.

The best time for tarpon fishing is during the winter months but most
other fish are available throughout the year. It is advised that you take
your camera along when fishing in Puerto Rico because even though charters
will assist you in bringing in a Blue Marlin, you will not be permittedto keep your catch and so you will be required to let your Blue Marlin go back to the ocean. Blue Marlins are abundant in an area called
“Blue Marlin Alley”, and you will be taken to the north of Puerto Rico if you are looking for this particular type of fish. Charters will provide passengers with refreshments and all the equipment that they will need. There are operators that will also take anglers into the lagoons or bays if there is an interest in fishing in shallower waters, where snook and tarpon can be found. Many of the charter services believe in the catch and release system, so it is important to first find out from the charter operator what is permitted in regard to keeping a catch. The waters off Culebra Island are the best place to find Bone Fish.

Man-made lakes and fresh water regions see to the growing interest in fishing for Sunfish, Tilapia, Largemouth Bass and Catfish. At present Puerto Rican authorities are putting great effort into the stocking of these fish and there are a few fishing clubs that can be found around Puerto Rico. Fly-fishing is becoming increasingly popular. The most popular places
to stay are Toro Negro Reserve and Casa Grande. Puerto Rico is also host to many international fishing tournaments that attract anglers from all over
the world, making fishing a well-known activity in Puerto Rico.

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