Celebrations and Events in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a vibrant land filled with color and energy. Exciting events and celebrations are held throughout the year. You can join in the festivities - whether they are a local or regional fair, art festival, theatrical production or a gallery exhibit - and have the time of your life.

There are a number of Patron Saint Festivals or Fiestas Patronales held in Puerto Rico each year. These special events are held on different days of the year by each of the towns in Puerto Rico in honor of the patron saint of the town. At this time there are religious processions as well as games, music, performances and food.

The La Casita festival is held on the first Saturday of every month at the Plaza de Le Dársena. Popular musicians, dancers and artists perform and exhibit their works here. You will also find the Le Lo Lai Festival really fun. This festival is designed especially for tourists allows you to experience the island’s amazing diversity of cultures. By means of dance and music you will become acquainted with the Island’s Spanish, African and Indian heritage and customs.

The fascinating and colorful Loíza Carnival, held in July, is a celebration of the town’s African heritage. The carnival includes a religious ceremony and boisterous parade with bright costumes, floats, masks and impressive bomba dancing. An international event in Puerto Rico is the International Film festival held in November where more than 100 films are displayed. Art fans will enjoy the Feria de Artesania Bacardi where artisans sell their exquisite works. A troubadour contest and a variety of traditional foods are also part of the fair.

Plan your visit to Puerto Rico during one of these fantastic fun-filled events and experience the lively Puerto Rican culture.