The Natural Harbors of Guayanilla

Guayanilla, located along the southern coast of Puerto Rico, lies just 20 km to the west of the city of Ponce. Also referred to as “El Pueblo que Corre en Yegua”, Guayanilla covers a land area of about 109 square kilometers. Guayanilla has a population of about 27 000 individuals and is spread out over about 17 wards.

Guayanilla boasts one of the most spectacular natural harbors along the Puerto Rican coast line. The Guayanilla, Yauco and Macaná Rivers run through the area adding to its sparkling beauty. The coastal plain extends to the central areas which reach a height of 430 meters. These then merge into striking mountains which stretch up to 1 000 meters. Indeed this town enjoys a stunning location.

This remarkable destination in Puerto Rico is said to have been established by criollos, Corsicans, Catalans and Venezuelans and was originally named Guadianilla. This name was later changed to Guayanilla, which is a combination of the Taíno Guaynia and the Santa Maria de Guadianilla. Europeans began settling in Guayanilla in 1511. The area became a borough of Yauco when it was established as a town in 1756. Guayanilla was an ideal location for agricultural and commercial pursuits and it soon began to flourish. Governor Miguel de la Torre declared Guayanilla a municipality on 27 February 1833. Since then it has grown into a popular area for agriculture (sugar cane in particular), business (chiefly petrochemicals and thermo electrical plants) and tourism.

Tourists who visit Guayanilla will have many sights to explore. Those looking to relax in the sun or enjoy a swim in the ocean can visit the Puerto Rican beaches of Tamarindo, Emajagua and La Ventana. Natural attractions in Guayanilla include the Chorro de Oro waterfall and Guilarte forest. Other attractions to look out for are the Mario Mercado Castle, Central Rufina Ruins and Cuevas Del Convento. There are also several festivals hosted in Guayanilla throughout the year that you will have a great time attending. These exiting festivals include Vigen Del Carmen Festival in June, the Seafood Festival in June and the Immaculate Conception Festivities in December, plus many more.

Although it may not be the best known tourist destination in Puerto Rico, Guayanilla has much to offer. So why not take some time to visit this fascinating town in Puerto Rico?

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