Puerto Rico is a truly impressive island with many fine natural features, lovely towns and cities and a rich cultural heritage. Visitors to this friendly island, and the nearby smaller islands, can enjoy wonderful sightseeing tours exploring areas of historical and natural splendor. Puerto Rico's marvelous landscape is also ideal for numerous outdoor activities, some of which are listed below.

Horseback Riding:

Puerto Rico boasts its very own horse breed, the Paso Fino. Keen horse riders will find these fine steeds a very comfortable ride whether you are traversing wild terrain or cantering along the beach. Puerto Rico’s nature reserves and National Parks provide the ideal setting for activities such as horse riding and hiking

Hiking and Walking:

Hiking trails guide you through lush forest and tough mountainous terrain, depending on your preference. Many places offer trail maps if you wish to venture into the wild on your own. Alternatively you can hire a guide who will also provide you with details on the countryside as you hike through Puerto Rico.

Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving and snorkeling give you a new perspective on the island. Beneath the waters you will discover a mystical world, filled with natural beauty and color. Those who have not yet had this experience, can learn to scuba dive in Puerto Rico.

Water Sports:

Water sports are very popular in Puerto Rico, with windsurfing and surfing being common sports here and equipment can be rented if you wish to engage in these sports. Puerto Rico’s waterways, which include the sea, lakes and rivers, often provide the ideal location for a number of great activities.

Chartering a Boat:

If you feel like relaxing then chartering a boat is an excellent idea. From a boat you will be able to reach the various smaller islands around Puerto Rico and discover hidden treasures.


Fishermen may want to try their hand at fishing in Puerto Rico. You can look forward to the possibility of catching marlin, sailfish, mackerel and tuna.


This is another wonderful way to get back in touch with nature and to enjoy the serene beauty of this country.


Golf is yet another activity that tourists may choose to enjoy. Imagine putting your ball into the hole whilst surrounded by the sheer natural beauty of Puerto Rico. Some superb courses are located in Dorado and Aguadilla.


Puerto Rico is also rich in bird life, so birdwatchers will definitely want to bring along a good pair of binoculars.


Puerto Rico boasts many fantastic surfing destinations and there are numerous places to rent equipment if you can’t bring yours along.

Puerto Rico offers tourists an all-round adventure with every activity you could possibly imagine to provide you with a marvelous, fun-filled holiday.