Coamo – One of Puerto Rico’s Oldest Settlements

Founded on 15 July 1570, Coamo is one of the oldest settlements in Puerto Rico. By the year 1582, twenty families had established themselves in the city, which was then known as San Blas de Illescas, and it received its status as a town by 1616. Today the city is 200 square kilometers in size and its population is estimated to be have around 37 500 people. The Taíno Indians used to bathe in the famous thermal springs that are still known today to have therapeutic and healing capabilities. During the days of the Taíno, it was believed to be the fountain of youth.

The city of Coamo is not only a popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico, but a large agricultural city. Great quantities of oranges, corn, mangoes and avocadoes are produced here over and above poultry and cattle farming. Interestingly enough, Coamo was the very first city to produce coffee in the year 1755. Manufacturers of machinery, clothing, aircraft radio components and machines are located in Coamo and form part of its bustling industrial sector.

Coamo can also be viewed as a historically rich destination in Puerto Rico since many tragic and dramatic battles took place here during the course of the Spanish-American War that raged through the island in 1898. The Historic Museum has fascinating exhibits that focus on this period. The building that houses the museum is an 18th century masonry home that was constructed together with the church. The Coamo Thermal Baths, which are located close to the Isabel border, are a wonderful attraction. They were once used as part of a luxury spa resort but the war left most of those structures in ruins, which remained unchanged until the 20th century. Today a hotel and rest stop have replaced the ruins but a central wall of the original buildings still remains. Another attraction in Coamo is the Coamo Springs Golf and Tennis Club. Here golfing enthusiasts can enjoy a tranquil round of golf, surrounded by the beauty only an island can provide.

To find a destination in Puerto Rico that combines a fascinating history and noteworthy attractions with enjoyable tourist facilities, look no further than Coamo. Athletic visitors should take the opportunity to join in the San Blas de Illscas Marathon, which is usually held in February each year. The 13.1 mile run is accompanied with festive supporters and a whole lot of fun.

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