Welcome to San German

The second oldest city of Puerto Rico, San German was officially founded by the Spaniards in 1512. Known for its elegance, San German is brimming with wonderfully detailed Spanish architecture. In San German the people are proud of their heritage and this is expressed by the immaculate condition of their buildings and the long held local customs still practiced in the city. You too can experience the charm of this lovely city. Simply take a walk down the streets of ancient stone and brick and view what San German has to offer.

Aerial view of Cabo Rojo from San German Puerto Rico

Aerial view of Cabo Rojo from San German Puerto Rico

The architecture in San German is charming and quaint. If you come and view the beautifully designed homes, you will discover that most of them are typically Spanish, complete with the warmth and ambience that always seem to accompany this style of building. Today the San German Historic District includes more than 100 historical buildings, such as the Grand San German de Auxerre. One of these is the Victorian-style house built by Juan Ortiz Perichi which certainly stands out from the others. Visitors will find it on Luna Street where they can take their time and view it by themselves. It is known as one of the best developed residential structures in Puerto Rico.

San German also offers plenty of fun and excitement, so bring your party hats. A number of different festivals are held here during the year and visitors are welcome to join in the fun. During July, the Fiesta Patronales San German Auxerre is celebrated. During the month of September you can enjoy the Festival del Añon, while the Festival de Navidad is celebrated in December. So be sure to visit on these occasions to make the most of your visit.

Set on top of a hill is the most famous attraction in San German, the church “Porta Coeli”, meaning “doorway to heaven”. It is the second oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. The structure was completed in 1607. Today the site has a museum filled with religious artifacts. Try not to miss out on this part of the tour.

San German is also a center for needlework and art. It is interesting to note is that you can tour the town by trolley. This is a delightful way to see everything and is something of a novelty on the island.

City is located in the southwestern region of the island of Puerto Rico, south of Mayagüez and Maricao; north of Lajas; east of Hormigueros and Cabo Rojo; and west of Sabana Grande. The surrounding area produces sugar, coffee, fruit and tobacco. You can get your maps and architectural tour brochures at the mayor’s office, so start making your travel plans now and enjoy this wonderfully historic part of the island for yourself.

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