Diving and Scuba Tours Around Angel Reef

It isn’t every day that you find an almost virgin coral reef that is easy to dive. But if you travel to Vieques in Puerto Rico, you’ll find exactly that. It is known as the Angel Reef and even though it is relatively untouched it is also so easy to dive that beginners can give it a try.

The Angel Reef in Puerto Rico is a perfect place to go for one of your first scuba diving expeditions. It is a shallow dive of only between 40 and 60 feet. Perhaps that is why so few people choose to dive it, since they do not expect to see much here. But nothing could be further from the truth. The corals that grow in this spur-and-groove reef are in near-perfect condition. This means divers are treated to a wonderful underwater canvas filled with color and teeming with life.

Divers who would like to give the Angel Reef dive site a try would do well to organise their trip through a dive company. You’ll need a dive guide to not only ensure that you leave the corals as beautiful as they were when you found them, but to help you pick out some of the more interesting spots on the reef and to navigate your way around the area without any mishaps. Your guide may show you where two ancient Spanish anchors have become wedged into the reef. Or he may guide you skilfully to areas that are just filled with schools of grey angelfish. Other creatures you can expect to see here include yellow wrasse and soft coral complete with delicate lavender sea fans.

Angel Reef can be found approximately two miles SW of Esperanza. You’ll find local diving authorities are usually able to speak Spanish, English or both. When you’re done diving the site, you can explore the nearby area of Vieques or spend some time on the beach sunbathing. Vieques is about 34 km long and 6 km wide and can be explored by rental car or bicycle – both of which can be rented locally. The nearby Isla Real site provides great snorkelling opportunities that will add to your stay in the area. So be adventurous – dive off the beaten path at Angel Reef in Vieques. Teeming with life of all kinds, you’ll be amazed at just how lovely this little reef is!

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