Diving Along the World Famous Black Wall

Puerto Rico’s close proximity to the Americas is only one of the reasons for its popularity as a tourist destination. Most often it is the island nation’s abundance of natural treasures that lures people over the ocean for a visit. Scuba divers are no exception, as Puerto Rico is home to some truly spectacular dive sites, such as the Black Wall.

To try and get an idea of how amazing this destination is, close your eyes and imagine yourself casually following your dive leader along a stunning section of reef. The sun is high above you, piercing the waters all around and lighting up every inch of magnificent coral. Fish are everywhere enjoying the abundant food and other treasures provided by the reef. Suddenly the sun disappears and you find yourself swimming down deeper and deeper into crystal clear dark blue water with The Wall still at your side. Here you find yourself surrounded by more unusual creatures such as sharks, moray eels and octopi. Most impressive of all, however, are the amazing forests of black coral orchids that rise up all around you, beckoning to you to explore them. This sort of magical experience is commonplace at the Black Wall. The dive site is also known as ‘The Wall’ and ‘Parguera Wall’ by locals.

The Black Wall in Puerto Rico is the island’s most famous diving destination. This formidable wall of coral is some 22 miles long and it drops down to a depth of over 1 500 feet! What’s more, divers are able to enjoy as much as 60 to 150 feet of visibility in this underwater wonderland. The Black Wall dive site in Puerto Rico has been named for the glorious black coral gardens, the schools of black durgeons and the black gorgonians that populate the area. This magnificent marvel of nature attracts teems of fish and other marine life, making it an unbeatable diving destination. Little wonder then, that the dive site has been featured in the Scuba Times, the PADI Underwater Journal, Rodales, Tauchen and a number of TV and radio documentaries and other programs.

If you would like to explore the many wonders of the Black Wall dive site in Puerto Rico, you’ll find it located on the southwest coast of the island. There are a number of dive companies operating in the area who will be more than happy to organise a dive and provide you with suitable equipment.

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