Trail Running and Forests for Hikers and Walkers

Puerto Rico is a country that has a vast variety of activities to offer visitors. One of the more popular activities in Puerto Rico is hiking. Hiking and walking in Puerto Rico is a popular choice since the landscape is breathtaking and inviting. There are so many hiking and walking destinations in Puerto Rico that often the only difficult aspect of this activity is deciding where to hike first.

There are few things more peaceful and relaxing than enjoying a leisurely
walk through one of Puerto Rico’s beautiful forests. El Yunque is a 28,000 acre forest with a wonderfully magical atmosphere. Large trees form a dense canopy over the reserve and the green forest floor vegetation makes you wonder if there might be a few fairies and mystical beasts hidden amongst the shrubs. Giant ferns and 142 species of trees – some more than a hundred years old – with rare orchids bringing color to the surroundings, are a highlight of this stunning reserve. Hiking and walking in Puerto Rico could not be more enjoyable than in the El Yunque Reserve where there are many different trails available. some of these are for walkers while others are for more adventurous hikers.

There are four ecosystems to be explored in the El Yunque reserve and the
most talked about hiking activity in Puerto Rico, is the El Yunque Machete Hike. This adventurous hike is a guided tour that takes you deep into the heart of the rainforest jungle. There are many ghost stories related to this area that your guide can tell you more about. It is a dangerous trail, complete with curious Boa Constrictors, and hikers can only experience the unique beauty of this part of the forest through a guided tour. Other hiking and walking trails in the reserve include the El Yunque Trail, the La Coca Trail, The Big Tree Trail and the Bano de Oro Trail. Paved trails make hiking and walking in the El Yungue rainforest an extremely pleasant experience. Trails in the surrounding areas, which are guided tours, include the El Toro Trail and the Trade Winds Trail.

When searching for hiking activities in Puerto Rico, visitors should definitely consider the Maricao State Forest, which is located near Maricao, or even the Toro Negro Forest Reserve. For bird watching while hiking and walking in Puerto Rico, the Guanica State Forest is ideal. The Carite Forest Reserve is another wonderful nature reserve to visit and the main attraction here is the dwarf forest and spectacular wildlife.

When hiking and walking in Puerto Rico, it is important for visitors to remain on the trails and not wander off on their own. The forest areas
are large and finding a lost hiker is an extremely difficult task. Also
remember to take a lot of water, as the tropical climate can cause dehydration. Hiking and walking in Puerto Rico is an experience you will never
forget and, with so many different destinations, it will not be easy to decide
which forest to challenge.

For information on all national parks in Puerto Rico contact Department of Sports and Recreation – Telephone: (787) 721-2800

Hiking Trails in Puerto Rico

  • Verada Piedra Blanca – Aguada County
  • Elrada Trail – Bayamon County
  • Ballena Trail – Guanica County
  • Cueva Trail – Guanica County
  • Fuerte Trail – Guanica County
  • Granados Trail – Guanica County
  • Gutieriez Trail – Guanica County
  • La Hoya Trail – Guanica County
  • Lluberas Trail – Guanica County
  • Meseta Trail – Guanica County
  • Velez Trail – Guanica County
  • Vigia Trail – Guanica County
  • Vereda de las Cotorras – Isabela County
  • Vereda Caracol – Las Marias County
  • Vereda Descanso – Maricao County
  • Recreacion Nacional Sendero de las Vientos – Naguabo County
  • Charco Azul Trail – Patillas County
  • Vereda Alcantarilla – Ponce County
  • Camino del Diablo – Rincon County
  • Camino del Faro – Rincon County
  • Camino del Infierno – Rincon County
  • Angelito Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Big Tree Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Bisley Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Carillo Trail – Rio Grande County
  • El Toro Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Mount Britton Spur Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda Britton – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda Caimitillo – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda El Yunque – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda La Coca Trail – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda La Mina – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda Los Picachos – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda Rio de la Mina – Rio Grande County
  • Vereda Helechal – San German County
  • Shoe Line Trail – San Juan County
  • Cobanas Trail – Yauco County

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