What is the correct spelling of “Boriqua”

Unfortunately we can only guess what is the correct spelling of Boriqua. The way it is spelled with a Q came from the word “boriquen” which is the first original name of Puerto Rico given by our Indian ancestors the Taino Indians some days I spell it with a “c” some days with a “q” whatever floats by boat for the day.

The Spanish spelling is “boricua” but “boriqua” is the English term. the “q” came in when taken from “boriquenio” which is the term used for natives of Puerto Rico. So, either spelling is correct.

To start, spelling is what ever suits you at the time. But the correct way is BRIQUA. Reason way? Let me tell you, the name of Isla is boriquen. white men came name it some thing else. Then when then spanish, porto rico, then puerto rico came and stayed. Now in there the people got to thinking well what can we do for ourselves. So some people start to cut thorough and took the name of the Isla From Tainos and made BORIQUA out of that. It’s more then that but this was easy and fun to do.

The Taino spelling of the word Boricua would have been a stick figure, like +< . Yet I don’t think Tainos would see themselves as Boricuas, but as Tainos (same ones in Quisqueya and Cuba).
spelling of Boriqua

It is true what Idejesus said who knows how the tainos spell it. However lets think Spanish for a moment if the tainos called the island Borinquen then we will be Boriquas because it will have to be spell with “q” to read the way it does NOT Borincen or Boricen. I think that the proper way was with “q” but the Spaniers changed it.Then the island was called porto [Italian word-because Colon was Italian his last name was Colombo, rico meaning in Spanish puerto {pier in english} rico and rico because they thought they will find gold and the island was rich. But always remember that Boricua, ….qua or even Borikua means what the island was called first by the Tainos. From my point of view Boricua means origin, indian, identity it does not matters how we spell it is how strong you feel about it and how you carry yourself as a Boricua!! Is the original mix with spaniers and africans, not what it was change to by (foreigners) immigrants. Some call themselves Boricuas others puertorriqueños none of this matter go with your heart and whether you feel that you are Boricua anyway you want to spell it or puertorican always represent 100% bori that my heart beat means the drums played by african or indians and that when I really hear a drum I think of my Isla del Encanto. Go with Bori and when someone ask you just pronounce it and don’t spell the whole thing a real Bori will know what this means.

In Spanish, they spell it as “boricua”. Tainos spell it as “boriqua”. Whatever you feel is true to use, use it. No true Puerto Rican will be offended because both are the same. I hope this helped you out.