12th Puerto Rico Salsa Congress

The Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is a celebration of dance, talent and hard work. Dance schools, instructors and professional dancers, who are affiliated with the International Salsa Bureau, from all over the world come to Puerto Rico to take part in this open category competition. Two of the main rules for participation in the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress are: a dancer must be sixteen years of age or older; and to represent a country in the competition, one of the members of a dance couple must be a citizen or be nationalized in the relevant country. Once formalities are over, the El San Juan Hotel & Casino transforms into a dance extravaganza.

This year, Puerto Rico will host the 12th Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, at the El San Juan Hotel & Casino, from the 19th of July until the 26th of July 2008. This event isn’t only for the enjoyment of the dancers and the public are invited to purchase tickets to become a part of the salsa experience. The congress not only offers spectacular dance performances, but has competitions running, live music and dance workshops. It is where visitors and dancers can lose themselves in rhythm, fun and musical magic.

Contestants come to the Puerto Rico Salsa Congress from far and wide, and local talents, such as the Palladium Mambo Legends, Jayson Molina, T&T Dancers, Tito & Tamara and Stacey Lopez, can be seen live in action. Representatives from the United States include Isabel Pampillo, Side Street Kids, Eddie Torres, Ava Apple, Barbara Bernstein, Griselle Ponce and Minneapolis. From Europe, spectators can look forward to seeing Patrick & Vanessa from Holland, Adrian & Anita from Spain and Carmen Lorenta. Other talents include Team Brazil, Grizzly Dance Company, Salsa Caliente, Christina Morrison, Jennifer Aucoin and Salsita Rica.

Music to keep festivities alive and vibrant will be provided by orchestras and musical groups such as El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican Power, El Sabor de Puerto Rico, Luisito Carrion, Sonora Poncena and Rafealito Cortijo. In between the great music and performances, visitors to this dance festival can also look forward to the International Salsa Fair that boasts a wonderful variety of items such as crafts, art and memorabilia. The Puerto Rico Salsa Congress is set to be a dance festival that will excite, entertain and thrill spectators.