Puerto Rico’s Blue Flag Beaches

As an island country surrounded by pristine blue ocean, Puerto Rico has plenty to offer the average traveller. In fact, there is as much as 272 miles of coastline surrounding Puerto Rico, meaning that visitors can expect a never-ending supply of beautiful beaches.

One of the things that makes Puerto Rico beaches so great is that they vary from place to place. Some are completely natural – marked out by surrounding vegetation and accessible only by small footpaths. Others offer the glitz of high-rise hotel complexes, bright lights and full-developed waterfronts. And still others offer something in-between. However not every beach may provide the sort of experience that you may be expecting; if you have particularly high standards and are concerned about hygiene, conservation, amenities and the like, you’d do well to see out Puerto Rico’s Blue Flag beaches.

If a particular beach has been given Blue Flag distinction, visitors can expect to find that certain criteria are constantly met with. For example, the beach needs to have an officially designated bathing area. The size and name of the beach must be officially recognized on a national level. The beach must be clearly marked out in some way or another. Most of all, however, these beaches are guaranteed to be administered in a way that is safe and environmentally conscious. Blue Flag criteria must be met at all time since registered inspectors can drop by at any time to make an inspection!

Puerto Rico has seven Blue Flag beaches. They are: Boqueron Beach (Cabo Rojo), Carolina Beach, Pelicano Beach (Ponce), Punta Salinas (Toa Baja), La Monserrate (Luquillo), Sunbay Beach (Vieques), and Seven Seas (Fajardo). Each of these beaches has its own special appeal. The beaches are also spread out across the island, so you are quite likely to find a Blue Flag beach near where ever you are staying. If you want to enjoy a particularly first-class island beach holiday, it would probably be best for you to seek out one of these beaches. That way you can be sure that you will enjoy clean, healthy water and sand while you soak up the sun and make the most of your holiday!