Cayey Offers Puerto Rico History and the Island’s Highest Point

The city of Cayey was founded by Juan Mata Vazquez on 17 August 1773. The Taíno Indians had named the city “Cayey de Muesas”, which means "Place of Waters". Cayey was therefore derived from its original name. Two other locally known names for Cayey are "La Ciudad del Torito", meaning "Town of the Little Bull"; and "La Cuidad le las Brumas", which means "City of the Fog". This spectacular destination in Puerto Rico, situated amongst the breathtaking mountains, is a city that should not be missed by visitors.

Cayey is surrounded by the beautiful Central Mountain range and is known for the two volcanic peaks named Las Tetas de Cayey. The city is approximately 130 square kilometers in size and has an estimated population exceeding 47,000. The agricultural industry in Cayey consists of sugar, tobacco and poultry. Industries such as cigar and clothing manufacturers are also located in the city. One of the most notorious legends of the city involves the 1880 fire that broke out at a timber company. It is said that the barking of the dogs and cries of the men that perished in the fire can still be heard in the dead of night.

Cayey is also home to one of Puerto Rico’s most visited reserves. The Carite Forest Reserve covers an area of over 6 000 acres of breathtaking landscape and is located just outside the city on the road to Yabucoa. Other attractions in Cayey include the Comsat Station, the Ramon Frade Museum, Monumento al Jibaro Puertorriqueno (Puerto Rican Countryman Monument), Church of Cayey and Guavate. Cayey is also a very proud destination in Puerto Rico, since many famous people have come from here. These include actor Luis Guzman, Utah Jazz basketball player Jose “Piculin” Ortiz, Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera and actor Marcelino Sanchez.

Festivities in Cayey happen during the months of April and August. Both the regional Fair and the Torito Olympics take place during April. In August Cayey celebrates the Matron Festivities Nuestra Senora de Asuncion. This is the perfect destination in Puerto Rico for visitors to enjoy the many sights and historical places, as well as the tranquility and beauty of nature.

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