Cidra – The City of Eternal Spring

Cidra, which lies to the west of Caguas, is also known as El Pueblo de la Eterna Primavera which means 'City of Eternal Spring'. It was established in 1809 and has become a popular destination in Puerto Rico, as it is the only location in Puerto Rico, where lucky visitors might be able to catch a glimpse of the blue-eyed La Paloma Sabanera bird. Being the last hope of the survival of this almost extinct species, great measures have been taken in Cidra to protect the remaining birds and hopefully increase their numbers.

As a vacation destination in Puerto Rico, Cidra has many sights and interesting activities to keep visitors busy and entertained. Visitors that are planning to explore this beautiful city and surrounding landscapes should not forget to visit the Ceiba Tree, take a picnic basket to the calming waters of the Cidra Lagoon or pop into the Inberia Theater.

Cidra also has a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, which includes the Myrna Vazquez Week in the month of February, the Matron Festivities that are held in July and the annual November Savannah Dove Festival. Each festival is a unique experience and very memorable. But it is
not only the festivals and tourist sights such as the Parish and the Hamacas Bridge
that the locals of Cidra are proud of, but the famous people that once walked their streets.

Hipolito Sanchez is almost a legend in Cidra. Locals know him as Don Polo Sanchez and he is remembered as the man who constructed Cidras’ first brick
church. He also donated a marmol-iron altar to the Catholic Church and, most importantly, he was the fourth man in all of Puerto Rico to buy a car. Being the first car owner in Cidra in 1928 is definitely an achievement no-one will ever forget. Other famous people to come from Cidra include the writers Victor Serrano, Nicolas Ortiz and Pedro Vazquez Urbina. It is no wonder that effort and dedication is put towards the education of the youth with three schools, namely the Pinero Middle School, Ana J Candelas High School and the Luis Munoz Marin High School.

Another amazing feature of this region that makes Cidra a favorable destination in Puerto Rico is the Hacienda Madrigal. This 300 acre estate
offers visitors the opportunity to explore the rivers, dense jungles and
rolling hills on horse back. It is an area with spectacular views and breathtaking photographic opportunities.

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