Famous Beaches Offer The Caribbean’s Best Surfing

If you’re a surfer who is thinking about visiting Puerto Rico soon, don’t forget to pack in your board. This island may be famous for tranquil blue Caribbean seas and great hospitality, but there are certain beaches which are perfect for surfing. In fact, Puerto Rico enjoys good quality waves for most of the year because of the tropical storms and low pressure areas which are common around the island. Surfing season starts in October and ends in April, so if you are planning to go surfing in Puerto Rico you should make sure that your visit falls within this time period.

Surfing in Puerto Rico

When booking your accommodation, you should probably look for something on the north, northwest or west of the island where the breaks are the best and most consistent. Of course there are some good surf spots in other parts of the island too. Some of the more famous surf spots are: Hollows, Gas Chambers, Aviones and Tres Palmas. Because it is so warm in Puerto Rico, it is not necessary to pack in a wetsuit. Surfing in Puerto Rico is usually quite a safe activity and to date there are no reported instances of shark attack around the island. However there are other minor irritations and dangers to watch out for. One of these is sea lice, which are small, ‘pepper-speck’ sized jelly fish that can get trapped in your clothing and irritate your skin. The sea lice problem in Puerto Rico is certainly not nearly as bad as it is in Florida, but it helps to always wear a lycra vest and to change completely before getting in your car to drive. Swim wear should then be completely washed before it is used again. Any stings or irritation can be easily treated with hydrocortisone or Benadryl cream. If you are worried about sea lice, it is usually best to stay out the water for a while if there has been a strong north-easterly wind blowing for several days. It is also a good idea to keep an eye out for sea urchins which may cause similar problems when surfing in Puerto Rico.

Another potential danger comes from the reef-type break which is so common when surfing in Puerto Rico. Most breaks are reef breaks and, if you surf during low tide you will be more likely to suffer cuts and scratches from the reef. Higher tides are better, but you can still be injured if you ride a wave which is big enough to push you down to the reef if you come off your board. Inexperienced surfers should watch out for riptides which can pose a threat to both beginners and experienced surfers if they are big enough. The only other thing you will need to know is that body boarding is much more popular in Puerto Rico than surfing is, so most of the lineups are dominated by body boarders. It would be totally unnecessary and may even cause you trouble if you were to drop on them so respect their space at all times. You should also respect the environment and try not to litter.

Best places for surfing

Aguadilla surfing

  • Gas Chambers – Located at Crash Boat Beach
  • Wilderness – Located at Wilderness Beach
  • Pressure Point
  • Wishing Well – Located at Wishing Well Beach

Area Metro

  • Chatarra – Drive up the North Coast to the east
  • Aviones- Located in the Piñones sector of Isla Verde

Isabela beaches

  • Jobos – Jobos Beach
  • Middles – Located near Jobos Beach
  • Shore Island

Rincon beaches

  • Tres Palmas – Located at the village of Rincon.
  • Marias – Take the Free Road South of Rosarito past the Curios and park in the lot for k-38’s and Teresa’s. The Break is in between 38’s and Teresas.
  • Domes – Continue past Calypso Bar (Marias) and El Faro Lighthouse to the old Nuclear Plant. Park on the left.
  • Sandy Beach – Located on the Main beach of Puntas next to Antonio’s beach.
  • Corcega Beach – Located by starting at Parador Villa Antonio, Corcega Beach continues past Villa Cofresi and extending past Tres Sirenas Inn.
  • Indicators Beach – Located just to the left of Lighthouse Park.
  • Anotonio’s beach – Located next to Sandy Beach near Casa Islena
  • Spanish Wall Beach – Located only by hiking from Domes Beach on the ‘Domes Trail’, located at the corner of Rincon.
  • Maria’s Beach – Look for the whale-shaped beach sign on your way to the Lighthouse Park and pull into the parking lot next to the Calypso Café.

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