Guaynabo City Abounds with Puerto Rican Heritage

Guaynabo, or Guaynabo City, has a population of approximately 100 000 and is situated to the west of the bustling city of San Juan. It falls within the Metropolitan Area of Puerto Rico that includes other municipalities such as Caguas, Catano and Toa Baja. Guaynabo was established in the year 1769 and has since grown into an important and popular destination in Puerto Rico.

Visitors to Guaynabo City have a wide variety of activities, sights,
museums and festivals to look forward to. The Caparra Ruins are a fascinating sight to visit and are seen as being an extremely significant archaeological site and part of the heritage and culture of the region. The museum that is on location
has an interesting range of artifacts and items that are combined with detailed exhibits about the history of the ruins. Those who would
like to squeeze in a little shopping for souvenirs and memorabilia will find a
leisurely walk through the San Patricio Plaza most enjoyable. Here you will find almost anything, including a few tasty food choices. Important sights around the city include the Caribe Recreational Centre, the Baldorioty de Castro Statue and the Bellas Artes Centre.

The Casa Cautino Museum is located on the corner of Vicente Pales Street
and features a complete collection of Caribbean Art, Puerto Rican Art and Latin Art. Fittingly, the collection is exhibited in the home of the original collectors, the Cautino family. This breathtaking museum was designed by Manuel Texidor, a respected architect who also oversaw the construction. And if you want to break away from the vibrant city, a visit to the Bosque Urbano San Patricio nature reserve is adventure that you don’t want to miss out on. The reserve features a 53 acre forest with a wonderful variety of animal life. The never-ending lush green surroundings are magical. Here you will find approximately 30 different tree species, almost the same amount of bird species and at least four reptile species. Walking through this breathtaking reserve, it is difficult to imagine that it once was a military housing facility.

The Mets Pavilion was dedicated to the legendary Puerto Rican basketball
player, Mario Morales, or better known as Quijote Morales. He proudly graces
the wall at the coliseum’s entrance, wearing his Guaynabo Mets Uniform. Festivals to look out for include the Three Reyes Festival that is held in January, the Salsa National Day in June, the Bomba and Plena Festival that is in October and the annual Christmas Lighting in November. It is easy
to see why Guaynabo has become a popular vacation destination in Puerto

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