Puerto Rico’s Caguas Real Golf Club

Golfers will be happy to know that Puerto Rico has some fine golfing establishments where they can keep in top shape while visiting the country – whether they are visiting for business or pleasure. One of these golf clubs is the Caguas Real Golf Club located in Caguas. The resort features eighteen spectacular holes of golf and makes the perfect venue for a great day of golfing.

Situated about 40 km (25 miles) south of San Juan, the Caguas Real Golf Club is more than just a golf club. The course joins onto the stunning Sheraton Caguas Real Hotel, making it the ideal getaway destination. While the hotel is truly lovely, it is the greens that are the main appeal here. The course is set against a breathtaking mountain backdrop and is characterized by lush vegetation and wide open spaces. It was designed by John Sanford from Jupiter, Florida, and opened its doors in 2002. As a result the facilities are still relatively new, making for an even more enjoyable golfing experience.

The Caguas Real Golf & Country Club provides a challenge for most golfers. There are a number of variations in the course between the front and back nine. While the front nine is open and dotted with lakes and tropical vegetation, the back nine is relatively hilly with some rather dramatic changes in elevation, which make for an interesting challenge. Carefully planned and placed bunkers continue to add to the difficulty level. However the Caguas Real Golf Club course is not just for advanced players – the course can be played by golfers with different skill levels. And if you feel that the course is a little too difficult for you, you may be able to find a trained professional around to help you improve your game and conquer the course.

Of course an aspect of golf is the enjoyable scenery and the Caguas Real Golf Club has plenty of great vistas. The nearby mountain ranges make for stunning sightseeing during the average game. The fairways feature neatly trimmed Bermuda grass and the practice range is also grass. Discounts are offered to juniors and seniors, and lower prices can also be obtained for playing in the late afternoon and on weekdays. Equipment can be rented and clinics are arranged regularly for those in need of assistance. So give the Caguas Real Golf Club a try and make the most of your Puerto Rican holiday.

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