Explore The Beautiful Carlos Rosario Beach and Reef

With its lovely sandy beaches, stunning coral reefs, lush green hillsides and friendly people, Puerto Rico’s Culebra is a popular tourist destination. Holiday-makers who choose to travel to Culebra by airplane will be rewarded with a spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Carlos Rosario beach and reef as they approach the island from the northwest. The different shades of green and blue indicate where some of Puerto Rico’s richest coral reefs lie, just waiting to be explored.

There are no commercial tourist-type facilities on Carlos Rosario beach, just a stretch of pristine sandy beach with the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea covering incredible underwater reefs on the one side, and lush, dense greenery on the other. Nature-lovers are attracted to Carlos Rosario beach because of its simplistic beauty.

The beach can be approached via two walking paths, one leading from the Tamarindo Estates beach cottages and the other from Flamenco Beach. The well-worn pathways trail through the shrubbery, and walkers are likely to come across some of the resident wildlife in the form of multi-colored reptiles, some of which blend in with their surroundings to such a degree as to be barely noticeable. Additionally, the birdlife is plentiful and, depending on the time of the year, wildflowers make a lovely display. The trail from Flamenco Beach which winds over a hill, gives visitors a spectacular view of the surroundings.

If walking is not your scene, you can reach the Carlos Rosario beach by means of one of the plentiful water taxis. Alternatively, you can rent a boat or a kayak to explore the shoreline at your leisure. The local scuba dive shops, mini market, gas station and even water taxi operators rent out snorkeling gear, complete with the recommended reef walker shoes for protection against the sharp coral. The pride of Isla Culebra’s snorkeling is a mile-long stretch of abundant, colorful corals known as the “Wall”, located around a quarter of a mile north of Carlos Rosario beach toward Flamenco Point. The sight of the huge fan corals moving to and fro with the movement of the ocean waves is definitely worth seeing, so even if you have never snorkeled before, a visit to the spectacular Carlos Rosario reef will inspire you to give it a try.