Exploring Cueva Ventana

Many of the most breathtaking attractions in Puerto Rico are known chiefly to locals, and if groups travel with local tour guides, some of these magnificent natural wonders can be explored. In and around Arecibo there are various hikes and trails for tourists to follow, but for the more adventurous, seeking spectacular views and unforgettable beauty, there is Cueva Ventana. Translated, this name means Window Cave, and once visitors have reached these wonderful caves they will understand the meaning of the name completely.

Firstly, to get to the start of the trail leading to Cueva Ventana visitors will have to travel to the Texaco gas station which is situated on the PR-10 freeway. The entrance to the trail is adjacent to the gas station. Visitors taking on this challenge should have a moderate fitness level. It will take approximately fifteen minutes of hiking to reach the caves, but the trail is mostly uphill and in the sun, so water, safe hiking boots and protection from the sun is essential. The trail is clean and well maintained, and visitors can just follow the trail until they reach the front of the two caves. The caves are open on both ends, and there is a back entrance, but it is recommended that visitors enter from the front. The caves are located next to one another, and the view from the caves can only be described as breathtaking, as it overlooks the entire Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley. The caves can also be explored, but at times the caves do get very dark in places and a flashlight will be required. Bats have also made the caves their home, even though the caves are very windy because of being open on both ends. Some of the paths in the caves are slippery, so caution must be taken while exploring Cueva Ventana.

The one cave is bigger than the other, but both are worth investigating with their large chambers and intricate paths. After enjoying a wonderful trip to Cueva Ventana and its awe inspiring panoramic views, visitors can make their way back to the gas station and travel a further ten kilometers to Lago dos Bocas, where they will find other attractions such as boat trips and restaurants.