Kany Garcia – A Rising Star In The Music World

The upcoming 8th Latin Grammy Awards to take place in Houston on 13 November lists no less than 19 Puerto Rican artists who have been nominated to receive awards. Among these is talented newcomer Kany Garcia, whose debut album, “Cualquier Dia” (Any Day) released in July 2007, was well received by critics and the music-loving public. The first single released from the album, “Hoy Ya Me Voy”, meaning “Today I Leave” has been nominated for the Latin Grammy’s Song of the Year.

Hoy Ya Me Voy was written by Kany and is a song of unrequited love that many people can identify with. Kany puts a lot of thought into her lyrics, hoping they will make a memorable impression on the listener. Judging by her success and growing popularity, she certainly manages to impress with both lyrics and melody. Billboard magazine has described the song as being a “beautiful song that changes the meaning of a break-up”. She was also proclaimed as Billboard Magazine’s 2008 Breakthrough New Artist. In March 2008 she played to a sold-out audience for her first live performance at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, and in July she received her first Gold Disk from Sony BMG.

Kany Garcia was born Encarnita Garcia De Jesus on 25 September 1982 in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. Music was a prominent feature of her home life and Kany started learning to play the cello as well as studying classic theory and solfeggio, also called solfège. At the age of 13, Kany attended the Escuela Libre de Musica, and it was at that time that the guitar became her favorite instrument. She later studied at Puerto Rico’s Conservatorio de Musica.

In her early twenties, Kany Garcia auditioned for a Puerto Rican singing talent contest known as Objetivo Fama, run along the lines of the famed American Idol. Her audition was successful, but on the way home from the audition, she fell asleep behind the wheel of her car and crashed into a lamppost. She fractured her pelvis and clavicle and had 40 stitches to her face. Kany was in intensive care for quite some time, but never lost her determination to recover and to make music her career.

Sony BMG recognized the talent of this budding star and invited her to perform at a concert in Puerto Rico with Venezuelan Franco de Vito. She received a standing ovation from the audience and Sony BMG was quick to sign her up. Through hard work, dedication and an intense passion for music, Kany Garcia, seems destined for great things.