Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery – A Feast for the Eyes

Rincon, in Puerto Rico, is a popular destination with tourists and visitors because of its magnificent landscapes, spectacular attractions and it’s near perfect surfing conditions. Many come here to enjoy the water activities such as scuba diving and whale watching, or to take in the noteworthy sites that Rincon has to offer. But lately, tourists are also enjoying the creative side of Puerto Rico through its art galleries and exhibitions. The artists who display their work at the Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery have taken the most picturesque moments that nature has to offer and immortalized them in various art forms.

Amongst the breathtaking tropical vegetation that surrounds the art of the Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery, visitors will be able to see a display of still art, underwater photography, nature photography, sculptures and paintings that will transport them into a world of beauty and tranquility. The artists here are able to capture images and scenes that communicate with art lovers, evoking emotion and wonder as they stare at the colors and talent that rises from each piece in the collection.

Roberto Ortiz, owner for the Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery and artist, returned to Puerto Rico, as many artists do, to rejuvenate his artistic senses and to take inspiration from the splendor of the region. What makes this enchanted gallery so wonderful is that the art work here can be seen on sea shell jewelry, on bamboo, as drift wood sculptures, canvas paintings and sea glass jewelry. The artists at the Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery include oil painter Erica Espaillat, underwater photographer Todd Davis, JA Soto (nicknamed by his peers as the Puerto Rican Van Gogh), Enied Miranda, Bella Jane and Toyo.

The Secret Garden Fine Art Gallery has a colorful collection of art that has been inspired by nature and its wonders on land and in the ocean, and brought to life through the strokes of a paintbrush, captured through a camera lens and carved from the imaginations and expressions of talented and gifted artists. The gallery captures the essence and the beauty of Puerto Rico, and through this quality it has become one of the most visited attractions in Rincon. Visitors will find peace in every work of art and take home visual inspiration created by the hands that find the magnificence in nature and share it with the world.