Sightseeing and Recreation Galore on Isla de Cabras

San Juan, in Puerto Rico, is a favorite holiday destination for travelers, as its magnificent history that can be seen and felt in the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan and its active nightlife for the younger generations attracts travelers of all ages. Known for its noteworthy sights and spectacular attractions and activities, one of its most popular attractions for both visitors and locals is the Isla de Cabras.

The beauty of Isla de Cabras is complimented by its fascinating heritage and the vital role this islet has played. Even though the El Cañuela Fort is not open for the public to explore, it is interesting to see. Its ruins and walls date back to 1610, when the fort was first constructed on the southern end of the island. While some of the original structure can still be seen, some of the walls were added during the late 1700s. It served as a strategic vantage point to protect the San Juan Bay from incoming enemy vessels, and today, visitors are still able to take shots at passing boats, but with cameras instead of weapons.

Closer to the end of the nineteenth century, the island became the refuge for a leper colony, and on 17 December 1876, the first stone of the building that was to house the colony was laid. It took seven years to complete and when the American troops took over Puerto Rico in 1898, plans were made for a new building on Trujillo Alto, which was done in 1926, and the leper community moved to their new home. The original building is still a popular attraction on Isla de Cabras. Fort Amezquita was inaugurated in 1940, close to the old fort and served as a reservation during World War II. Its turrets and various vantage points are interesting to explore and make a great adventure for children, keeping them occupied for hours.

The buildings are a reminder of the services the island has provided in the past, and in more recent years it still continues to serve as a training facility and shooting range for the police force. But mostly visitors come to Isla de Cabras for the tranquil recreational park that was been created here. Neat park benches are scattered across the breathtaking grass landscape, with massive trees providing protection from the sun, as families enjoy a day at the beach. Fishing, gazebos and a safe swimming area are the perfect activities to lure families and friends, to bring laughter, fun and peace back to the Isla de Cabras.