Trujillo Alto- “El Pueblo de los Arrecostaos”

Trujillo Alto was named after its founding father, Alonso de Trujillo. He established the town on 8 January 1801 to the south east of San Juan on the Northern Coastal Plain. As with many Puerto Rican towns and cities, Trujillo Alto was also afforded a nickname amongst the locals. It is known as “El Pueblo de los Arrecostaos”, meaning "the Laid Back Town". And the name alone should convince visitors that Trujillo Alto is a tranquil and peaceful Puerto Rican destination.

The community is extremely dedicated to the industry of Trujillo Alto and it is here that wood, electronic machinery, fabric and nutritional products are produced. There are also a few stone quarries in the area. The agricultural sector of the town consists mainly of livestock and fruit. Trujillo Alto is growing extremely fast and is gaining a reputation for being a tourist-orientated destination in Puerto Rico.

This laid back destination in Puerto Rico combines culture, history and
an atmosphere of festivity, even though most of the festivals take
place at the end of the year. The noteworthy landmarks in Trujillo Alto include the Fundacion Luis Munoz Marin. It is located towards San Juan and is the private residence of the first Puerto Rican chief executive, Governor Luis
Munoz Marin. Here, on this beautiful 4 acre estate, visitors will be able to
look back into the life of this remarkable man. The religious sanctuary of
La Gruta de Lourdes is also worth a visit.

The Plaza de Recreo de Trujillo Alto, is a historical plaza that was constructed between the years of 1910 and 1913. It comes alive with music
and dance during the Patron Saints Festival and the Festival del Macabeo,
but during the year it is a peaceful plaza filled with beautiful murals,
walkways and park benches. To take part in the family activities and fun-filled competitions that are held here, you can head down to the Parque Familiar which is also available for rent.

As a festive destination in Puerto Rico, there are four main festivals
that take place in Trujillo Alto. The Festival Del Macabeo mainly celebrates
the Macabeo, which is a type of banana fritter. As usual, the festival is
accompanied by music, food stalls, contests and many artists display their
work. The fitness enthusiasts of Trujillo Alto also get their chance to shine in the Maraton del Arrecostao. This five-mile event has been hosted annually since 1985 and has seen Puerto Rican runners such as Alfredito Castro and Peco Gonzales taking part. The other two festivals to look out for are the Trujillo Alto Patron Saint Festival and the agricultural fair, Feria Agricola. Trujillo Alto is highly recommended as a Puerto Rican destination and visitors are guaranteed a remarkably unique experience.

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