Dorado – A Resort City with Excellent Dining and Unspoiled Beaches

If you’re looking for a great vacation spot, Dorado is the closest resort area to San Juan. This wonderful vacation capital is situated just under one hour away from San Juan Metropolitan Area which means it is easily accessible to most visitors. However, the real allure of Dorado is not its proximity to San Juan, but rather the many luxurious amenities which it provides.

Life in Dorado starts and ends at the resort’s many hotels. Not only is the resort home to the largest outdoor pool in the Caribbean, but it also boasts some of the best golf courses on the island. And, of course, it is situated near the coast so you can enjoy some absolutely fantastic stretches of Caribbean beach. Most of the tourists vacationing here may struggle to choose between the clean beaches, refreshing swimming pools and bright golfing greens. Of course, there are also a host of other activities to enjoy in the resort town of Dorado.

Visitors will also find that life doesn’t cease when the sun sets in a plethora of vivid colors. Dorado in Puerto Rico enjoys a fantastic nightlife featuring excellent seafood restaurants, energetic dancing and artistic shows. And, because virtually every person living in the area is employed by the hotel, the crime rate in Dorado is virtually non-existent. This means that you and your family can feel safe and sound during the day and night.

There are several other aspects of this resort town that are worth noting. Dorado’s permanent population was estimated to be 34,000 in the 2000 census, so don’t expect to find an over-marketed tourist destination with no local flavor. The surrounding area is also incredibly beautiful, with brilliant green slopes, sandy shores and the sparkling waters of the Rio La Plata, one of Puerto Rico’s largest rivers, flowing nearby. In fact the area is so beautiful that a number of expensive housing developments have sprung up near the golf courses in Dorado. In addition to all the fun and excitement that you will usually enjoy here, the residents of Dorado hold an annual religious celebration in honor of their patron saint “San Antonio de Padua” each year on the 13th of June. Visitors are welcome to join in on the fun and the festivities add plenty of excitement to the average vacation. So visit Dorado today and enjoy the ultimate Caribbean vacation destination.

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