Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico Development

Situated in the north-east Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a country of great natural beauty and a popular tourist destination. In the near future Puerto Rico will have an additional attraction, which many believe will serve as an added boost to the tourism industry of the country. United States business and property tycoon, Donald Trump, has announced plans to extend his already thriving golf business, by building a US$ 600 million golf complex on Puerto Rico’s northern coast. This golf complex will be known as Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico.

As a joint venture with Puerto Rican construction company, Empresas Diaz Inc, the Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico will include 500 residences on a 1,000 acre site situated between the US territory’s tropical rain forest and the Atlantic coastline. The first 56 villas of this ambitious development will have a purchase price of US$1.4 million. Residents of these ultra-luxurious villas will have access to a private jet, a limousine service and a yacht.

A development of this magnitude is sure to elicit a mixed response from many quarters. The news of the development of Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico has mainly resulted in positive responses, with the main focus being on job creation. Taking into account the proposed price of US$1.4 million for the first 56 villas, it stands to reason that they will be purchased by people who are financially well off. These new owners will no doubt want easy access to up-marketing dining, shopping and night-life. Currently, San Juan is the closest destination for many of these activities, so the possibility exists for the establishment of retail and entertainment venues around the Trump International Golf Club to cater for the residents of the golf club. Also, the villas and the grounds will need to be maintained, opening up more job opportunities.

One of the developer’s first priorities will be to improve the former Coco Beach Golf and Country Club’s 36-hole golf course – which will form part of the Trump International Golf Club – as well as to open a new clubhouse ahead of 17 March when the PGA Tour event, the Puerto Rico Open, is set to take place.

At a press conference with Donald Trump and Puerto Rican Governor Anibal Acevedo Vila, Trump expressed his confidence that the Trump International Golf Club Puerto Rico will become known throughout the world.