Esportes in Puerto Rico

Baseball, basketball, biking, skating, sailing, bowling, camping, cycling, diving, fishing, golf, hiking, horses, surfing, tennis...Take your pick!

There's a plethora of outdoor activities to keep you entertained whilst in Puerto Rico. Whether you're the active, get-involved type or the sit-down-and-watch-others type, there'll be something for you to enjoy in Puerto Rico.

The Caribbean baseball series attracts a huge following from countries like Mexico and Venezuela. Basketball is growing in popularity especially now with the rising success of the 16-team amateur league and a 6 team pro league.

When it comes to enjoying the scenery, there’s few better ways than on a bicycle or skating. With the wind in your hair, you’re free to take in the aromas, the sights and the sounds. Alternatively, for those with more of an aquatic preference, you can take in the sights from the crystal blue waters of the Puerto Rican bays and coastlines.

Enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner, or take the kids out for a camping adventure and get in touch with the incredible nature that Puerto Rico has to offer. The government is responsible for a number of campsites and information can be obtained from any travel office. You can also get really close to nature by camping in one of the many Puerto Rican nature reserves. Permits are required but they aren’t expensive and are well worth it.

The diving isn’t world class in Puerto Rico. It’s good, don’t be put off, but the water isn’t the clearest in the Caribbean. Few places offer visibility below 100ft but that’s still better than anywhere on the USA coastline.

If equestrian beauties are your preference then you’ll be excited to know that Puerto Rico has its own breed of horse, the Paso Fino. The origins of this naturally gaited horse aren’t known for sure but its felt that it’s a descendant of the Andalusian, the Berber and the Spanish Jennet (extinct).

So come and experience the many different sporting avenues of this exciting and beautiful country and enjoy the ultimate Caribbean holiday destination for yourself!

Sport Stadiums in Puerto Rico:

  • Hiram Bithorn Stadium (Estadio Hiram Bithorn) – Located in Hato Rey, San Juan. Baseball and football.
  • Estadio Sixto Escobar – Located in San Juan. Multi-use.
  • Coliseo de Puerto Rico – Located in San Juan. Multi-use.
  • Francisco Montaner Stadium (Estadio Francisco Montaner) – Located in Ponce. Baseball and track and field.
  • Juan Ramón Loubriel Stadium (Estadio Juan Ramón Loubriel) – Located in Bayamon. Football.
  • Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez – Located in Bayamon. Indoor multi-use.
  • Roberto Clemente Stadium – Located in Carolina. Multi-use.
  • Coliseo Manuel Iguina – Located in Arecibo. Indoor multi-use.
  • Parque Yldefonso Solá Morales – Located in Caguas. Multi-use.
  • Rebekah Colberg Sports Centre – Located in Hato Rey, San Juan. Multi-use.

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