Guide for Puerto Rico Newspapers

There are a number of newspapers that are circulated in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for information on local events, weather forecasts or airport times, the local newspapers are one of the easiest ways to find out what is going on. Local newspapers also provide useful information on shopping bargains, accommodation, resorts and property. Movies, live shows and cultural events are also listed, so scanning the printed page is really a great way to add a little more oomph to your holiday. Unfortunately for some of us, most of the local newspapers are printed in Spanish, the country's national language. That doesn't mean English speakers need despair, however, as there are a few newspapers that are printed in English and some other languages too. Here are some of the more popular local newspapers to be found in Puerto Rico:

  • Claridad
  • Diario Noticuba International
  • El Impacto
  • El Vocero
  • La Estrella de Puerto Rico
  • The Vieques Times
  • El Cuarto del Quenepon (San Juan)
  • El Nuevo Dia (San Juan)
  • El Veraz (San Juan)
  • Primera Hora (San Juan)
  • La Perla del Sur (Ponce)

Most newspapers can be bought locally from shops or newspaper vendors.

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