Luquillo – A Tropical Paradise

There are a host of fantastic tourist destinations in Puerto Rico, and Luquillo is a favorite of the many visitors to this lovely island – especially during the holiday season when its many beautiful beaches come alive with activity.

Luquillo is a municipality of Puerto Rico which was founded by Cristobal Guzman in 1797. Named for the Indian Chief ‘Loquillo’, it is situated roughly 23.3 miles from San Juan and takes just under an hour to reach by car. Situated on the northeast coast of the country, it enjoys miles and miles of great coastline. In fact, you’ll find no less than six excellent beaches in Luquillo where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the stunning turquoise waters. Its association with sun, surf and sand has earned Luquillo a few interesting nicknames. Luquillo is often called the ‘Sun Capital’ of Puerto Rico as the weather is usually good and Luquillo is an idyllic seaside area. It is also known as the ‘Puerto Rican Riviera’ and one of its main attractions is the Ocean View Boulevard which makes good use of the seaside location.

Tourism is probably Luquillo’s biggest financial contributor as people flock here every year during the hot summer months to make the most of the beaches. Coconut palms provide shade over more than a mile of the beautiful beaches that can be found here, while more developed public beaches have public bathrooms, showers, parking and disabled access to ensure that you enjoy your stay here as much as possible. Beaches worth seeing are La Bandera Beach, La Pared Beach, Las Pailas Beach, Luquillo Beach and Mameyes Beach though La Monserrate Beach is probably the most popular. While visiting you might stop at the La Fortuna Hacienda or make a turn at the Chief Loquillo Monument to learn more about this historical hero. Every year the people of Luquillo celebrate certain events and festivals which are great to observe and participate in. The Coconut Festival held in September is a definite treat while the Typical Dish Festival in December is certainly a tasty one. So visit Luquillo and discover Puerto Rico’s tropical paradise.

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