El Conquistador Resort and the Grand Hotel

If you’ve ever felt like getting ‘lost’ on a tropical island or enjoying a romantic island getaway, the El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico may be just the sort of thing you had in mind. This stunning resort is perched high on a cliff above the ocean at approximately 300-feet above sea level. You’ll find the entrance at 1000 El Conquistador Avenue in Fajardo.

The El Conquistador Resort is divided into five peaceful villages where you can get away from life’s troubles and make the most of this stunning Caribbean location. The Grand Hotel, which includes the villages of Las Brisas and La Vista, features absolutely magnificent panoramic views of the ocean. The Las Casitas Village is a four-diamond resort that shares the grounds and which has a resort butler on call 24-hours a day. Las Olas Village is built into the side of a cliff around a stunning swimming pool and La Marina Village overlooks the sea and hosts the new water park and private marina.

Of course the facilities available at the various suites at this stunning resort differ, but all guests will be able to enjoy services such as room service, valet parking, a luggage hold, concierge desks, ATMs, business centers, fax machines, meeting rooms, office rental, a photo copying service, printers, Wi-Fi, audio/visual equipment rental, elevators, numerous swimming pools, more than 20 different restaurants/bars/lounges, tour desks, multi-lingual staff, on-site convenience stores, a news stand, safety deposit boxes, car rental desks, on command movie services, self parking, tennis courts, gift shops, boutiques, water sports, a fitness centre and more. The El Conquistador Resort is also child friendly and guests can make use of the babysitting services, cribs, high chairs, children’s menus and supervised kids club called Camp Coqui.

The El Conquistador Resort is also nearby the Coqui Water Park – a water wonderland where adults and children can have plenty of fun. If you enjoy more adult entertainment, you can try the Casino, the Arthur Hills Golf Course or the fantastic Golden Door Spa. Guests can also arrange to be whisked away to the 100-acre private Palomino Island on a catamaran for the day. The palm-fringed island is filled with hammocks and lounge chairs, and waiters are on call to take your drink orders while you laze away the day on this beautiful Caribbean island. The El Conquistador Resort offers virtually every service and amenity you could want with the added bonus of giving you your own private island for a truly romantic island getaway.

El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico

When staying at the El Conquistador Hotel in Puerto Rico, you will be treated to luxurious accommodations.  If you visit the resort during lean months, you can opt for the full season package, which comes with both weekends and a week off, also you get your choice of the accommodation.  If you have a flexible schedule and would like to get away from everything, you can choose from 3 different packages: one for the 3 days, the other for a week and the last for the final 3 days.

You can choose any of the packages for all activities included, but in the summer season. The El Conquistador Resort is located in the northern part of the island on Punta Cana – the island has a very popular fishing village and there is no shortage of people to visit the Caribbean island. It makes an ideal holiday destination for travelers of any nationality – you can also choose to stay in one of our private rooms, get a break from the stress; spend some time with your family and friends; or have fun, relaxing, relaxing.

Here you can take in the view of Punta Cana from almost any vantage.

The El Conquistador is one of the most spectacular and breathtaking resorts on the Caribbean with its distinctive tropical island surroundings and dramatic cliffs.

The resort has a wealth of natural attractions to enjoy from the most natural to the most exotic and unique, from the Caribbean sea lagoon, to one of the highest mountain in the worlds.

The resort is also home to The El Conquistador Beach Club, one of the most authentic beach clubs in the Caribbean, dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable beach experiences.

Enjoy the tranquility of the pristine waters of the Caribbean sea lagoon, or explore its breathtaking limestone cliffs from virtually any vantage point.

You need to buy an individual island ticket for each of the 5 villas in the island to enjoy them all. Tickets are available for purchase at the resort before you arrive at the reservation office.

For more details of where to get the island tickets and if they are valid we would recommend you look into their website or website of your hotel.

If that is not possible, you can call the El Conquistador Resorts office to reserve your tickets online with a personal account number.

There is no booking fee as long as it does not exceed 30 night stays.

The tickets can be booked through the El Conquistador Resorts website and you should receive it online by 3:00pm on the 7th of any month on the 1st of the month you book your room. However, they can also be bought by calling the El Conquistador Resorts office.

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