Camping Guide for An Adventure Traveler

Camping in Puerto Rico can be a wonderful experience. While there are many beautiful, undiscovered areas where you will be able to pitch your tent, it is advised that you restrict yourself to camping sites. With the spectacular stretches of beach - some of which have Blue Flag status - the inviting canopies of the dense forests and the breathtaking mountains, one is easily tempted to find a secluded spot, away from human interference. But there are many camping grounds and camping sites that will be able to provide you with all you are looking for and more.

Camping El Yunque Puerto Rico

Sites such as Rio Abajo, Culebra Island, Toro Negro Reserve and
Guajataca Reserve can offer campers a safe and secure camping environment
together with the beauty of rivers, beaches and hidden caves. If you decide to
ignore the recommendations and head out to the forests, it is crucial to
remember that the rain forests are very damp and wet. The snakes that are found here are not venomous but this region is known for its killer bees and it is advised that everybody stays clear of beehives. Beach camping Puerto Rico might make for breathtaking sunsets, but it is a prime area for thieves and campers do make easy targets.

As mentioned before, Culebra Island is a very popular camping
site in Puerto Rico
and most campers make their way here in
the winter months. The camping site is located on Flamenco Beach and offers
campers toilet facilities and complete protection in the evenings when the night guards are on duty. It also has the perfect water for snorkeling
and the island is amazingly beautiful. Visitors will be able to go for
hikes and walks to explore their surroundings. Seven Seas is another
wonderful camping site in Puerto Rico that is safe for campers and is protected by guards.

In government maintained camping sites, campers will be able to use
basic facilities such as showers, toilets and electricity. Most
camping grounds offer basic self-catering cabins and almost
every controlled camping site has barbecue facilities available. Nature
reserves, such as the Toro Negro Reserve, offer guided walks during the day and have sparkling lakes which are just perfect for fishing. Reserves, like
Guajataca Reserve, offer kayaking and fly-fishing to visitors.

Camping in Puerto Rico is definitely recommended to nature enthusiasts, but it is strongly advised that campers set up camp in a controlled camping site. You will still be able to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the region whilst knowing that you and your family are safe. Be sure to contact local authorities in regard to your plans and intentions when camping on your own as they will then be aware of your location in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Puerto Rico is a beautiful country, and camping in its scenic surroundings will definitely be rewarding.

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